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Mike Bryant - Celebrity Status

Well I guess I will have to get in line now to get PC Mike’s autograph now that he is a bonafide celebrity now…

For those of you who don’t get the Toronto Sun, in the travel section today, there was an article entitled
" Charming Punta Cana Ups Its Game"

It talks about the great improvements made in tourism in Punta Cana and which resorts are favoured by agents.


EdenH, managed by Mike Bryant, a personable Canadian who hails from Belleville, ON. This elegeant property opened last January, and Bryant estimates Canadians have constituted 60% of his guests so far.

See thousands of miles from his former home, and he still makes the paper :slight_smile:

Guess when I see him in January, will have to get ‘his’ autograph, and buy ‘him’ a beer instead of the other way around…

Congrats Mike :slight_smile:

I did not know that PC Mike was originally from Belleville Ontario. We are just up the road in Tweed. Sure makes the world seem smaller.


Nice review Mike.

I hope this doesn’t go to his head and raise the prices due to his celebrity status.
Move over Tom Cruise

I saw that piece in the Toronto Sun…way to go Mike!!..maybe he will buy us beers at Steves’s on Dec 3 as he is the celebrity du jour LOL

hey Brian,
we have a deal with presis and Timmies,
but if Wilf wanna join in and pay we may not complain that hard.
ha ha