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Mikefisher.....snorkel trip?

Senor mike…

For our trip next month…we are staying at the Majestic…and we (wifey and 13 & 10 yr olds girls) want to partake in 4 hour snorkel trip on the catamaran. We have all snorkeled before,but the 10 year now has this thing about sharks, string rays, and jellyfish. Nora would appreciate it if you could comment on what type of ‘creatures’ we may come across while snorkeling… Thanks… VdP

vagabundo de Pl,
you can bring your little ones mind at ease.
sharks are not hanging out in our shallow inshore waters where the snorkeling will take place, the only inshore sharks are the poor caged in catsharks in their watercages held for some excursions, we do not visit the cages. stingrays are present in our waters but harmless unless somebody would step on them, such can not happen while snorkeling, because you are floating on or near the surface, stingrays, if present, would slowly pass by down there and are much too shy to approach a human. jellyfishes are so rare that i saw just a few myself in PC during my over 13 years working in our local waters, so i would not name them a present danger neither.
happy family vacationing

hey Thanks a bunch Mike…Once I show her your response I’m sure she’ll be ‘good’. She’ll beleive you…but if I say it, she’ll say, ‘yeah you’re just saying that!!’

Vagbundo de Playa

ha ha
that’s the difference between the dad’s and nice uncles,
i know that, lol

Mike was wondering if we are allowed to bring our own snorkelling gear… The type we use I am sure will meet with your approval…

OBH, that is awesome and would probably be a good seller too.