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Does anyone know how far the Memories Parasio, Santa Maria, is from Havana? Is it worth taking a tour there? Thanks


Cayo Santa Maria is almost 400 kilometres from Havana…


Fort Smith to Fort McMurray as the crow flies. Just warmer.


There is a day trip by air, I believe, and another by land that is overnight. Driving it yourself wouldn’t be the best idea. Check this out for more info:



I did the plane trip this past winter, great trip in a mdern plane, even though I said I’d never fly in a Cuban plane, my wife forced me to go.
Great trip, a really really long day, but well worth it. I wanted to do the two day trip by bus but the people we were with said no, just fly in, fly out, then after they were in Havana for a couple hours they both said they wished we were staying overnight. Both trip, the bus and the flight, is guided


Thanks for the info