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I’m travelling to punta cana in two weeks and was wondering if they have milk? My son is 2 years old and is a milk fanatic and worried that they may not have milk. Can someone let me know.


I was wondering if it was milk from a cow? How different does it taste?


Did you think about bringing powdered milk

yes, milk is available in most resorts and at some stores…many buffets have cereal and milk available at breakfast, its cows milk and its served cold.

Cow’s milk is readily available both on and off the resort. Your son may detect a slightly different taste as most milk in the DR is UHT treated (like Parmalat) to last longer in a Caribbean climate without refrigeration.



Once opened it must be refrigerated.



We were just at the Barcelo, we asked and received milk(free) in 1 litre container’s much like large drink boxes. And yes they give it to you warm, we just put it in our room refrigerator. My son liked it, daughter did not.


depending on the resort it is served in a dispenser like juice…it may be powdered milk, not like home, but still good to drink depending on your taste buds

My grandchildren have never had a problem with the milk in the DR.

thanks for all the great info about the milk. My little guy will definitely be very happy!