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Minors Travelling to the DR

Information regarding minors:

When children travel to the Dominican Republic with only one parent, or with non-parents, the Dominican Republic does not require any special letter of authorization, as long as they leave the DR with the same people they arrived with. (Note that it had previously been indicated that minors traveling with only one parent or non-parents had to have a letter of authorization translated into Spanish and legalized by the Dominican Consulate. This in fact pertains only to Dominican minors under 18, not to foreign travelers.) If a minor child is not leaving the Dominican Republic with the same people they arrived with, the parents or legal guardians must provide to the new companion, a letter of consent, legalized at the nearest Dominican Republic Consulate to the parents’ residence. If any further clarification is needed, please contact your nearest Dominican Consulate.

Check with your travel agent or tour operator to see what documentation is required at your country of origin for minors travelling alone or with one parent or non-parents. An authorization letter notarized and signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may be required.

Children should have their own passport when traveling alone or with non-parents. Birth certificates are only acceptable when traveling with one or both parents and a child is under 13. Children over 13 need a student card along with the birth certificate as photo ID, or a passport. (Note that anyone travelling via or from the United States requires a passport, even children. Only Canadians flying direct from Canada do not have to have a passport.)

Data reviewed June 26, 2010.