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Moncton VS Halifax Departures


I’ve been checking prices for the Sun Season since August, and there hasn’t been a deal out of Moncton, so today I started concentrating on Halifax Departures… ACV out of Moncton for Bahai Principe in PUJ was running $1800+ plus taxes per person, and Signature out of Halifax for the same hotel, same room and same week, Mon departure instead of Thurs was $1350 plus taxes per person…quite a difference…Just wondering if anyone knows the reason for a $400+ difference, are airport fees that much different or are there other considerations?



There are only two tour companies, well ACV makes three i guess, LOL operating out of Moncton this holiday season, to only a few select destinaions, using smaller 150 seat aircraft than previous years, hence, seats are limited and will fill much quicker than other years when they used 300 seat aircraft. So in a round-a-bout way, they’ll get their dedicated repeat customers who will pay the price for the ease of a Moncton departure and only have a few seats remaining for new travellers who in the end if they wait to book will have no choice but to fly outta Halifax…why ???.. cause Moncton will be sold out. And also note, many flights outta Halifax this year are departing a bit later in the season and so too are they using smaller aircraft. Once the flight is full, the gates are closed and you look for another destination on a different date…soooooo., it pays to book early folks, you pay less and get the property/room category of your choosing. Its all about supply and demand my friend. :wink: Oh yeah and in regards to ACV charging almost double than everyone else, well, thats just good ol’ Air Canada folks, someone (us the consumer) has to pay for Celine’s TV comercial debut a few months back, she don’t come cheap you know, ::slight_smile: LOL


Ed, I show both locations for the same date extremely close, Feb 4th Saturday Moncton 1643 + 235 dp tax
Halifax 1565 + 246 dp tax both with ACV, selloff vacations was my online source

dp tax from YYZ is now 275


I suspect that the difference is partly due to the difference in departure cities, but the lions share was the departure day. We saved a bundle flying out of Toronto. Same departure city, same hotel, same tour company, same everything except flying on a Thursday instead of Saturday.


We have travelled out of both, I prefer Halifax departures because your airport fee is built into package, and the airport is better. When we flew out of Moncton last year with our 5 kids
we had to pay the departure tax before entering security it was 30.00 per person, took us by surprise.


Ed … Another site that you could check is Your travel tickets.com … out of Moncton Feb. 4. 1,615.59 (ACV). Out of Halifax Feb. 4 …$1,347.63 (Sunquest); $1,382.43 (Sunquest); $1,539.03 (ACV) … I’ve been keeping an eye on the Moncton prices also … very high … compared to Halifax. :sunglasses:


Unfortunately the $1265.73 + $270 Tax out of YHZ from Signature on Mar 20 is gone this morning…DRATS…



Yeap … when you see a good price you need to book quickly. We booked in September for April … been keeping an eye on prices and our resort has consistently been priced much higher than what we paid for …! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Hey is any Canadian couples going the end of March out of Halifax.N.B.My husband and I are going to puerta plata…


Sorry… YQM-PUJ Mar 20



:smiley: YHZ to PUJ March 27 :smiley:


Oh great.Where you leaving from and with which flight company.We are leaving from Halifax 6.00 am flight!!We may see you on the plane.What resort are you going too.It will be our first time away!!