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Money to take


What is the best type for a canadian to take to a resort near punta cana? American, Canadian, Travellers checks, debit, visa …

If I have $500 to take with to an all inclusive resort what type and denomination should i bring?

Thank you.


Look under the post “travelers cheques” for suggestions


I always take $1 and $5 Us dollars with us for the tips at the resort. However since we gamble we also take $20 US and also for gifts but nothing higher as we have found they might not want to cash them. Credit cards for emergency only IMHO. :sunglasses:


Anything I have read has led me to believe that American money is what we should be using all the time. I know that they take the dominican peso but most frequent travellers have said that american singles are the way to go for tipping. I have also heard of instances of double billing on credit cards but not at lot about debit machines. I know that travellers cheques can be cashed at most resorts as well. I am still doing research for my trip in march but so far as I can tell… this seems to be the way to go. Enjoy you holiday!!


US cash most places, but you would probably be best to use pesos if you are a local store such as the super mercado (supermarket) where everything is priced in pesos. Yes, they will take US cash, but the exchange rate will NOT be posted, and you might get a surprise. Unless your Spanish is pretty good and you can discuss it with them, you might discover that their English suddenly got a lot worse! :o