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Money/valuables safekeeping in casas?

I’m going to be travelling solo to Havana in the near future for the first time and will be taking a fair amount of cash (and possibly travellers cheques?). Is it easy to cash them?
I don’t have credit cards (or want them) and I would appreciate any suggestions on mainly money security. I will be staying downtown Havana and don’t feel 100% about walking around with hundreds of dollars in cash on me, especially at night. (I’m going for two weeks and need a fair amount of cash). Most casas do not have safe boxes do they? What have you done? Can you rent a lock box anywhere?

Ideas and comments very welcome! Thanks!

First of all, if you’re going to travel independently in foreign countries then credit/debit cards are a necessary evil in a modern world. That said…

1.) Walking around with gobs of cash in any big city - especially in a developing country - is nuts. Always leave the bulk of your cash and valuable safely locked up in your casa.

2.) There are no safety deposit boxes in casas. You can rent safety deposit boxes at most hotels, but it’s a hassle and a waste of money. Lock up your valuables in a piece of luggage that’s properly secured in your casa - very safe.

Read this, then come back with further questions:


Have fun.