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I was wondering, rather then change my Canadian Money into American, could I just take Canadian Money and exchange it for Mexican Money when I arrive in Mexico. I will be traveling to Playa Del Carmen.

Thanks ;D

This topic has been covered extensively in prior posts. You might do a search and read those responses. In any case, you should always follow this rule. Use the currency of the country you are in. Right now the peso is trading at 10.7 pesos to the Can. dollar. Thats even a better buy then last year at this time. Use the ATM at Scotia bank or HSBC in Mexico and you receive pesos at $3 a transaction. Do not use American money as these people pay big time to convert it into pesos. Also you pay big commissions to the bank at home to buy it.

Good information, Rene, Thanks.

We will be in Mexico in January, and I always hate having to exchange money through more than one currency, but many of the e-mail replies I am receiving from the locals about tours, etc, are quoting US dollars.

Will we be able to pay them in pesos? If so, what exchange will they use?

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Of course they will take pesos. A simple conversion used for years already has been 10 pesos to the dollar. They for the most part do not know the difference in exchange rate between US and Can. So if they quote you $200 dollars US for an excursion, they will most likely take $2000 pesos or there abouts. Some stores have their conversion rate in the computer and will charge around the going rate plus their commission. In that case it might cost you $2400 pesos. Just remember when US dollars are involved you pay the extra costs or their profits. They are just as enterprising as we can be to make more dollars from the tourists.

just used you credit card for any tours, the easiest way and the only way we do it. no need to bring so much money on holidays then or not have enough, etc

We are counting the days and was just reading (yet again ;D) to consider purchasing our excursions on 5th in Playa. Normally we do through our tour operator on credit card. Wondering, do you think it’s safe to purchase on credit from 5th tour guides??
Just don’t want to step into a hassel that i don’t need! :stuck_out_tongue:

so what you are saying is take canadian money and change it into pesos at the resort or hotel
is that right ::slight_smile:

[quote=@lynnb] Normally we do through our tour operator on credit card. Wondering, do you think it’s safe to purchase on credit from 5th tour guides??

As long as your credit card company protects you against stolen numbers.

Ohh the horror of using your card and finding out the numbers were stolen, while on vacation.

2 instances I had this happen, and it can happen at the hotel or with a tour rep. I have found though tour reps, would rather have cash, and will charge you 3% of total cost to use your plastic. If not more.

Good luck,