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Monkey Jungle is now open


Monkey Jungle outside of Sosua is now open. It is a terrific day excusion. It has the longest and safest (only certifed zip line in the country) zip line and a large monkey habitat that you can walk through and interact (including feeding and playing) with the monkeys. Food and drink is also available. ALL the proceeds got to support the free medical/dental clinic on site. It is designed to take care of the local poor (Dominicans and Hatians) with free medical/dental care and free medicines. A very worth while project and a terrific day for all.
Feel free to PM me if you want more info on the clinic or to do some volunteering there as the medical and support staff is made up almost entirely of local volunteers.



Do you know where the monkeys are from? It doesn’t say on their website, in fact there is no information about the monkeys except…

“Monkey jungle is a natural wonderland, covering over 800,000 square meters of mountains and valleys with 100’s of animals…”

Are they ethically sourced?? Just curious…


My understanding that the monkeys are “rescue” monkeys from the US as well as some donated from a monkey jungle in Florida.



The monkey jungle is now open for 7 days a week at 9 to 5PM.This is located from the international airport in Puerto Plata of few minutes. You can find waterfalls, swimming pool and caves in this jungle.


Actually the Monkey Jungle is between Sosua and Cabarete and about a 25 min ride from the airport.
Also just as a side note the Puerto Plata airport is actually in Sosua and is about 25 min east of Puerto Plata (and Playa Dorada)



We would love to do some zip lining, especially if there are cool things to see like monkeys. Has anyone tried this yet? Is it any good? how do you get more info?
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