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Just wondered if anybody knew if there is another resort, besides Fantasy Island, that has monkeys on site at the resort?

My husband and I went to Fantasy Island a few years back and loved it. We got our scuba certificates here. Then, the following year, we took our oldest daughter with us, so she could be certified.

Unfortunately, my youngest daughter had no interest in scuba at the time, and chose not to come with us.

Now, she has an interest, and would LOVE to go to Fantasy Island, because that’s where we were all certified. But her BIGGEST reason for wanting FI is the monkeys. She is just so fascinated at the thought of seeing monkeys jump on our balcony. lol

Hubby and I are ready for a change though. We’d prefer another resort, if there’s one that also has monkeys. If not… Fantasy Island – here we come again. :slight_smile:




I think FI is the only resort that has monkeys running freely around the resort.

There is a nature park that has monkeys but they are on leashes in the monkey area. They were really cute but not too friendly at all.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…


Too funny, they where little buggers…cute little things then they would grab out and pull your hair and stuff !


Ok, thanks for the feedback. I was afraid of that. I guess in my heart, I knew that was the answer, since I have been trying to research. Sigh…

Does anybody know if there is any other destination that offers wild monkeys on site, and GREAT diving? In the Caribbean that is… I mean, I’d LOVE to go to Fiji/Thailand/other exotic places, but not in our budget this year.

Thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking Belize may have something to offer. Costa Rica doesn’t have the best diving from what I’ve read. That will be another trip down the road (when I have no kids getting certified with me lol). But Belize sounds like it might be a great alternative. Going to do more research…


If you search the rui yucatan you may find that they have monkeys.
personally when i was bit by the monkey at FI it turned me off.