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Monteverde Weather


We’re probably going to do the day thing to Monteverde when we’re in CR in late Jan early Feb. What is the weather like there as I’d like to know what type of clothes to bring. I was just thinking of a rain jacket but my friend who was there in April said it was freezing and I should definitely wear pants and a sweatshirt or fleece. I just can’t imagine that it would be that cold.



Hi Laura…

When we were there it was about 21 dec C and was misty for part of the morning… we took rain ponchos and wore while it was misty… had jackets but did not wear them… we wore long pants and tee shirts all day and were comfortable… our Guide Roberto on the other hand w freezing and when not with us on the ziplines sat in the van with the engine running and the heater at full blast.



Thanks Rick. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. My friend is the type who is always cold so I didn’t want to take her word for it.
Poor Roberto! I guess 21 degrees would seem cold when it’s 35 everywhere else. I don’t think you’d catch anyone from Winterpeg putting a jacket on for 21 degrees. It went up to -2 yesterday and I saw some guy downtown in shorts.
Just another month and a few days to go until we leave. I’m excited but wish we could have worked out spending more time in Nicaragua. Got the new GAP brochure the other day and they have a really cool looking 15 day tour that I think we’re going to have to go on next year. Looks like our bathroom renovation will be on hold again!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Feliz Navidad!


Rick, are long pants necessary because of the temperature or for other reasons (such as bugs)?


We had no bugs, wore long pants because that is what Mike M suggested for that tour… infact I wore Zip off shorts but did not take them off… Cold have got along with shorts midday but morning was misty and a bit cool