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Moon palace...anybody home?

whats the deal with the new moon palace…no buzz at all for such a huge resort…are they still opening in Dec? maybe mike or wud knows?

According to their website:

“A Magnificent New Retreat Overlooking The Caribbean Sea. Opening on January 10, 2009”

But I’m not sure how much will be opened, they are after all over a year late in this opening.


thanks greg…in aerial photos it looks huge…air transat had it advertised for dec/08 opening but its strange that it hasn,t been the topic of any posts for a while…not a worry for me but just curious

It is huge, over 1700 rooms. I toured it in Nov. 2007 when they were talking of opening in Sept. 2008 but since then they have changed dates several times.

I’m guessing that after a year or more of broken opening promises the threads won’t begin until it actually opens it’s doors.


While we were at Majestic Pat walked down the beach (approx. 1/2 hour walk from Majestic, and took some photos of Moon Palace. There are sections that look complete, others that are obviously not. You can see the photos at:



P.S. The photos were taken on November 18.

thanks debbie…also thks for the maj elegance pics…can hardly wait to go!!!

Found these…

thanks tim and debbie…I,m sure it will be a very beautiful resort when its done, but right now it looks like an urban renewal project…

they have prices listed now for bookings…more than double what most 5 star resorts are!!

I found that the Moon prices were only about $250 more expensive then the majestic Elegance. However a lot of the other 5* resorts do come in cheaper, way cheaper and the odd 5* comes in a few hundred $$ more.

went to the moon palace this afternoon…it will be great but is months away from being ready…seriously i,m talking spring or summer regardless of what the tour operators say

If you go to www.palaceresorts.com and click on “News & Updates” they have updated their progress openings after Jan. 10, 2009 initial opening.