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Moon Palace? is it opening this weekend

Does anyone have any idea if Moon Palace is opening this weekend like mentionned on their website…we are booked for March and always afraid of more delays???

hey sunset…sometimes the hotel websites are the last place to get accurate information…maybe keep checking in on this forum or email palace resorts as your trip gets nearer…I visited moon palace on Dec 21 and there was no way in my mind they would be ready for a Jan 10 opening…maybe completed one ocean view section and some of the main bldgs, but the pools, beach and huge blocks of rooms were not done…however as witnessed by the majestic construction, things can change quickly in a month!

so did they open a section today??
who is there right now?

Here is a link to some exterior photos of the Moon Palace I took within the week. The first 14 views are from the beach and walkway area on January 4th. The last 6 are from the outside of the entrance driving by on January 9th. This does not show inside any buildings.


edit: changed address to a hyperlink

HI - Can’t sem to open your photo link…how would you describe the state of things there? We’re book to go there on Jan 23rd but have the option to cancel if it’s not looking good. Any info would be helpful!

Try it now. I changed the address to a hyperlink and it seems to work for me.

Looks a long ways from being finished. I have sent the Moon group an email to see about a tour, no response, mikefisher and I will have a look on the 28th when we finish our tour of the Elegance.

Okay, those pictures are making me nervous!! Waiting to hear from people there this week before we decide to cancel or not. thanks for your help!

I just called the Palace Resorts…assured me that It did open this past weekend {we are booked only in March} said not to worry , that it will be all done by then {except maybe casino} but those pictures tell a different story…looks far from being finished , I know this place is huge, perhaps a section is done …people that are going on the 23rd, let me know if you are actually going…can’t wait to find out !

I’m still booked to check in for Jan 23 - however - on Trip Advisor forum there is someone who posted they are there this week and returning home on Jan 17th, they are going to post pictures and comments by Jan 18 or 19. I can’t find a ph# for Palace Resorts that works from my area code and the “contact us” link from their website doesn’t work. What was the ph# you called? I’d like to call them as well. Did you tell them your check in was in March? I’m wondering what is “actual” operational at this time. Those pictures have me checking for alternate accommodations right now. The beach didn’t even look inviting.

Hello Everyone! Our group is booked to stay there on the 23rd of January. Is there anyone out there that is actually at the resort (or who was booked this week and was relocated) who can tell us some acurate info? We have until Jan 15th to cancel without any charges -please help!

I found their number from their new website, www.palaceresorts.com [the official site of palace resorts] and click on travel agent , 1-800-635-1836, from phone options, press for reservations …hope it helps !

found this posted today on TripAdvisor forums


has some good comments as well as some different pictures and perspective of what is at Moon Palace

Many thanks,any new info is great help and this puts my mind at ease for our March booking !