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More Kudos to Skyservice

Well as some of you might know, our flight had been changed three times now…same day, just different flight numbers and times.

Just received a email from Skyservice confirming our ‘confirmed’ flight details with regards to date, times, seating etc, and also our ‘excess baggage waiver’ for humanitarian aid.

Due to our ‘inconvenience’ of having to change our waivers and seating reservations due to the change of flights, Skyservice has INCREASED our baggage waiver by 50% to compensate us for our inconvenience.

This is a win win situation, as we had more goods to take with us than our weight allowance would allow… More goodies for the kids!!!

Thanks to “George” at Skyservice, for all his assistance.

Can almost see the kids grinning already :slight_smile:

They have always been great with us, too bad the other operators will not follow suit. You all know who I mean!!! >:(

And the kids loose. :frowning:

I’ve had dealings with George several times and found him very cooperative. ;D ;D ;D

Great news OBH, how much is your waiver for?


Thanks to some help from the Captain, Skyservice has granted me 20Kg of extra luggage for BTBF. Yes I wish other tour operators would follow suit…are you listening Air Transat??

Don’t forget Sunwing—no help at all. >:(

[quote=@debinatore]Great news OBH, how much is your waiver for?


Sorry Debbie for not replying sooner… guess I didnt go back far enough in postings…almost missed it.

Our waivers were bumped from 40kg total to 40kg each…
This should make alot of kids happier…I know it certainly made my face light up when I spoke to him.

Cheers and beers,

Wilf and Pauline