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More Sunwing Questions

Some flights with Sunwing to Punta Cana have a stop over in Puerto Plata. How long is the stop over and can you deboard the plane or have to stay on board?

Thanks in advance

I think you stay on board on your way there. They only let the Puerto Plata passengers deplane and then continue to PC. It’s when you come back that you deplane in Puerto Plata and stay in a specific area, to let the Puerto Plata passenger get on. Anyway, that’s what happened to us a coupe of years ago. You can contact Sunwing directly and they should be able to answer your question.

we had this happen a couple years ago, noow I double check the route and pray for no changes. For us this was an all day ordeal as we fly out to at 6:15 we did have to deboard the plane, we were doing a drop off and a pick up, so the reason we had to get off was for the new arrival to a clean plane, it was quite a mix up as there ended up not enough seats so they did some configeration of the seats , took forever , we finally arrived at our destination in the early evening hours instead of there for lunch . hated it!

Air Transat out of Vancouver has done this to us a few times, not last year, but are back at it this year. All passengers deplaned, and those reboarding had to clear an airport security check. The wait once in the departure lounge is about another 30 - 45 minutes. Back on the plane and on to Punta Cana. Total stop 90 min to 1 hr.

Thanks for the replys.
The reason I asked, is the flight is scheduled to leave Toronto at 2:15pm and arrived in PC at 9:15pm. ( 7 hours )
I search for the direct flights also, but sometimes they catch you by surprise. A long flight for a great time in paridise.

Don’t forget that the D.R. is one hour ahead of EST. So only 6 hours. Still sounds like a stopover.