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Mosquito Bites!

Cubans use a  swipe from a  slice  on the bite as an after bite

A slice of …? Mango? Papaya?

maybe limes

I heard 40 years ago (or maybe more) that when you get a bite, you take your thumb nail and press it against the bite. I’ve also had people give a slice of fresh aloe to relieve the itch. And truthfully, they both work. Unfortunately, I don’t have mango or papaya close at hand and I don’t want to cut my aloe plant, so I use the thumb nail tip at home (sometimes in Cuba too).

in summer camp we use to use meat tenderizer…make a paste out of it and put it on kids bites…now I wonder WHAT we were doing.

That’s the Papaya. Enzymes.

Prevention from mosquitoe bites:
-Avoid using perfumes
-Wear hat, shoes, long sleeves and long pants if you going for hike
-If eating outdoors repack food immediately to avoid attracting mosquitos
-Use mosquito net with strollers for babies
-Popular medical plants and essential oils that have a mild prevention of mosquitoes citronella, lemon balm, thyme, mint, lavender

Vick’s vaporub, Tiger balm are also efficient repellents (in our family, anyhoo)

Just for s’qeeters or family members too?

skeeters and oh yeah sometimes guys with facial hair wearing ball caps (rofl)

Wear thick high socks

[quote=@cubakingone]Wear thick high socks[/quote]Socks and flip-flops don’t go over so well… LOL!

Knee high black socks with sandals and my Speedo.
It is not only the skeeters that avoid me…