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Mosquitos after this much rain

Am at ICD in a week ;D. Wondering after all this rain if we need to be taking extra bug spray? Any thoughts…

I think that would be a prudent decision. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it …

lots more mosquitos this trip,gotbit maybe 12 times ,my son contracted dengue.which for the uninitiated is mosquito born and no vacination for it.fever 40.2c or 104 f.spent 2days in hospital would have been more but we were leaving next day. definatly a trip we will remember,but we will back

how long ago were you there and where did you stay?

got back last thursday,stayed at casa marina beach in sosua.

Were there many Mosquitos?

I also returned last Wednesday (from Breezes) lot s of mosquitos both in the rooms, and outside at night especially.
I would recommend bug spray if you are down there anytime soon.

No bugs as of last night (Feb. 14) in Playa Dorada area. Gran Ventana did fumigate on the 13th

We had 7 days of terrential rain- no mosquito on site at the Grand Paradise

Same 7 days of rain at the Riu Mambo and we never saw a mosiquito - mind you I’ve been home for 5 days now so things could have changed a bit. We did notice a lot of flies by the pool though after the rains.

Like Bob said, better to have it with you than not.

The last time in the D.R. I have taken from 2 weeks before my holiday till the end holiday every day 100mg Vitamine B1. And it realy helps. No mosquitos. The mosquitos don’t like you anymore.

i just returned yesterday from the playa dorada complex,was there for 2 weeks and never saw a mosquito.but i’d take spray alongjust in case.

I was at The Grand Paradise from Feb. 9th to the 23rd. I got many many bites, even using bug spray. This happened on the beach and in our room. My boyfriend also got many bites. But for me this is very normal. This has happened all my life. I get eaten alive no matter what I do. I’ve always been very envious of the people that don’t seem to get bitten at all. I guess I’m just too sweet! haha

i am unfortunately back and can say not one mosquito was seen when we were at to ICD

Returned on the 26 from Barcelo did not find that many muskitoes, got bit only twice. I had forgot my repelent.

Let’s sing a song of tropical rain forests: All together now …

( to the tune of " Saturday Night Fever" )

Deet De De De Deet… Da da da da
Deet De De De Deet … Da da da da
Once again Deet …

Bring lots of Deet based bug dope.
You never know if this is the year you might be tastier than your neighbors.

Returned from the D.R. on the 27th. Stayed in the country side (campo) and I was really surprised that I didn’t see many bugs at all and usually I seem to attract them to my lily white skin! Trust me, it is not because they sprayed!