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Mountain bikes @bahia principe ambar

hey guys , does anyone know anything about the mountain bikes at the ambar section. can you ride them anywhere , or do they have trails around. any info would be great. thanks fred

i am curious to this answer as well. I haven’t seen or heard anything about bikes there, but could be alot of fun for sure…

We were there last May and didn’t see any people riding bikes on the resort itself.
Possible that they are available to use off the resort. Hopefully someone has used them there and can answer your question.
You will have a great time at the Bahia.

I didn’t see any bikes and i was looking right at the access road to the ambar.The only bikes were resort workers.

thanks for the replies guys, guess i’ll have to wait till i get there, hope they do have something like that though would be good to tour around on. fred


I’ll bet the beach at Wasaga looks nothing like Punta Cana right now.
Or is that all white sand that on the ground now.

well our beach is probably whiter than punta cana right now,lol , but pretty chilly here ,and snowing pretty good. cant wait to get out of here. 37 more days . fred