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Movies on Canjet

Do they have movies on Canjet ? Can we bring our own earphones ?


thats all i could find, not really much help

it’s hit and miss with them. You would have to ask canjet, if you could get thru to someone. I believe it depends on the plane you are going on.

When we flew with Canjet -you had to pay $10 for a portable DVD to watch a movie. You could use your own headphones or buy them.

Canjet now have 737-800 planes that carry 189 passengers.As of Dec.01/08 they all are equipted with TV entertainment centers.This information was sent to me by their guest relations dept.
Any Boeing I have been on you can use standard earphones.

We just got back from Punta Cana with Canjet. Yes it was a 737-800. They show one feature movie and headseats are for sale for $3.00

Thanks for the info, i’ll pack our earphones that we got on previous flights and hope that they work on the Canjet flights.

I was checking the canjet website and wondering if they always use the 737-800 for these charters flight going to Dominican Republic ? The other ones 737-300 looks pretty small compare to that one.

They have replaced the 737-300 with the 737-800’s.