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Musical entertainment at resorts

I am talking about the evening shows, not the animation team. We’ve been to resorts that bring in various entertainers for lunch or dinner; the ones where you sometimes feel obliged to buy their CD even though it wasn’t what you normally would, but they tried so hard.

We found a group called the Sexteto Guama. I so enjoyed them that I did buy the one CD. Last time there, they gave me an undistributed single CD. I’m the only person in the world that has it!! Yeah, yeah, but I do play it a lot.

I enjoy this group enormously; with the right crowd you can get them to stay until 1 or 2 AM and they just start jamming. Does anyone have a favourite group or entertainer that makes your trip extra special?

There was a band that we saw at Brisas Guardalavaca in 2012. They were a younger group (20s) and played alternative, and heavy music (red hot chilli peppers, beatles, metallica, etc) and were fantastic!!! I can’t remember their name, but they put on an awesome show!

Three groups come to mind:

Las Cantarelas, a trio of latinas who often play at the Iberostar Laguna Azul in Varadero (and probably neighboring hotels). Pitch-perfect harmonies, a jazzy sound, good guitars, they even sing an upbeat Summertime. Barbara, one of the singers, worked with some of the BVSC boys. The last night we listened to their performance, they told us during the break that they would not be able to talk with us after the show (like the previous nights) because they had to run to catch their last bus out! (Picture: 3 young women in 5-in heels running like crazy AND hauling their equipment with them! :o )

Trio Romantico, 3 gentlemen who are/were are the Melia Cayo Santa Maria ( we were there in 2008). Very tight (in a good way), exquisite instrumentals. Beauuutiful vocals. They played in several areas of the hotel during the week, and one of them is a music teacher who speaks both English and French. Very nice conversation.

Also at the Iberostar Laguna Azul one night, a 6-piece ALL female salsa band, complete with wind instruments, an upright bass and of course lots of percussion. Did not catch their name, unfortunately. Got several standing ovations!

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We used to like the Trio Holguin at the Blau Costa Verde. They did a fantastic version of “La Vida es un Carnival”. Last time I spoke to them they had won some type of competition and were in Russia on a 2 year contract. Haven’t heard from them in about 8 months so don’t know if they are still there.