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Must do

My fiance and I are having our wedding and honeymoon in Punta Cana in June 2009. Neither of us have ever been before. What do you all recommend that we must see/do while we are here. We are pretty much game for anything, except snorkeling and scuba diving.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!

Monster Truck Tour.


If I was on my honeymoon and wedding first of all I would enjoy the resort with all it has to offer. eg: entertainment, a la carte’s pools etc. However if you want to get off of the resort check out the FAQ section in Debbies for some great tours you can take. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding

relax and enjoy each others company, after afterall even wedding with no problems can be stressful , you have lots of time to do things . this is your honeymoon , enjoya.

Congratulations!!! Definitely take some stuff to give to the Dominican people. It does your heart good and trust me…it will be the best part of your trip (other than the honeymoon of course). Enjoy!!!

Has anyone ever done any of the fishing excursions? How was it?