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My Bavaro Princess pics are up!


How’s that for speedy ;D ;D ;D

Go here: http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ginnyfyris/album?.dir=/746a&.src=ph&.tok=phub0tDBvXVixOua

If that doesn’t work, PM me and I’ll send you an invite. The album is public for now and will be for about 2 weeks - after that I’ll make it private but will happily send an invite to those who wish to view. Enjoy!


Yep, those were fast!

Ginny, great photos! Made me wish I was there.


Your pics are awesome, and it looks like you had a great time. Thank you for sharing.


Great pictures Ginny! I sure makes me anxious to head back there in Feb.!

So. . . tell me about room service! We never bothered with it last time even though it was included in VIP. About how long does it take to arrive? And tell me. . . was that a hamburger and fries, and steak and fries. . . AND a pizza??? Wow! And champagne to boot! I must do room service next time! LOL :smiley: Anyhow. . .it sure looked like you had a good time. Did you love it?



Ginny, great pictures, I look forward to your review, I will be there on November 19th and look forward to it.

Where did you get the Hiney and MGD?

Why do you switch back to private in 2 weeks with your album? You should send the link in with your review so other can see it later.



Ginny great pics! Looks like you guys had a good time!

all the best,


Hi Ginny,
You and Bran look like you had a fantastic time!
We were there in 2003, and loved the place…
thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories!


Oh that beach looks so beautiful! Thanks for the pics Ginny - looks like you had a great time…


Yep, it was all that food. We ate most of it too…perhaps that’s why I still feel like a bloated lump :o Delivery took about 45 minutes for both breakfast & dinner, which we expected since the in-room menu said to allow at least that length of time. Having access to premium drinks and room service made the VIP package well worth it (I think Brandon pickled his liver with the amount of Johnny Walker Black Label he drank in his whiskey colas!)

Wud, we brought Heineken & MGD back to our room from the pool bar. I assume this was a perk of our VIP package since one of the non-VIP couples we met was only able to get bottles of Soberana for their room (we had Soberana in the room as well but gak, it was horrid!)

My pics are going to a private album in a few weeks because I’m tired of my photos magically appearing on other websites without my consent for use (the whole Video Voyago thing made me decide to do private albums - that wasn’t the first time my photos were borrowed like that). My review will definitely include my email address though ~ anyone who wants to view them is welcome to email me for an invite.

I go back to work tomorrow morning and I’m dreading it - knowing that a day at the beach did not await me made it awfully hard to get up this morning!


Hi Ginny,

WOW your pictures look great.

Thanks for sharing!



Great photos Ginny.

I just went and put on my swim suit, smeared body butter all over me and opened a cold beer and am now sitting here looking at them again.



Ginny the beach looked fantastic,could just jump in it right now, caroline :o


Hey Ginny!! Your Pictures Rock just like the Pizza!!
Thanks for letting me view them. I wish I was there again. ;D


Ginny, thanks for a D.R. fix on this fall afternoon. :sunglasses:


Ginny…Great pics I get so excited when looking thinking of our trip…Can’t wait for review…Now Back to reality for you heh,heh


Ginny, those are the best BP pics I’ve seen – awesome job! Looks like you and Brandon had a great time…we’re looking forward to reading your review for the full scoop!


Ginny did you see where the new section is going to be for the new Platimun service? Too bad the VIP package won’t be offered after November. We’re like you and thought it was well worth the extra cost - just not sure the new package will be worth the ‘big extra’.


Sorry, Sackie - I didn’t see anything indicating where that section would be! I did speak to an American tourist who was positive that the Platinum package was going to be offered in addition to the VIP package, so maybe they will still offer both. Sorry I can’t be of more help on this - there wasn’t even anything on the resort promoting this new package.


Excellent pics Ginny — gives a great overview of the resort. Looks like you had a great time! How could you not … gorgeous resort!


Well it must be wishful thinking on the part of the American cause it’s right on their web site that the VIP package ends Oct 31 and will be replaced by the Platinum Club. The new package sounds great but it’s really boasted the price up. Hope they don’t do this to the other Princess VIP packages too!