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My Bavaro Princess review is up!


Debbie sure works fast - I just emailed her my review last night and it’s already online! Look for the review from Jen & Brandon - that’s me. I also submitted a review for the Marriott in Toronto but I don’t think it’s up yet - keep an eye out for it!



Ginny - I didn’t realize that you were around the same age as me. I just read your review and let me tell you that you wrote an excellent review. It has certainly helped me for my June 2006 trip.

I love your tip about bringing an extra card with a magnetic strip. I know that I have a M & M’s Card lying around at home somewhere.

Now I am a bit upset that I didn’t go with the VIP package. But it’s too late now. It seems like everyone agrees that the VIP package is the way to go.


Ginny…great review!! I too, will remember your tip about bringing an extra card with magnetic strip.