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My snorkel mask fogs up. Any tips?


My snorkel mask fogs up. Its clear as day for about 20 seconds. I tried spitting in it, any other tips?


Having spent some time in the sailing community, I was told the secret is GEL toothpaste … very important NOT to use PASTE!!! Smear it on, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse completely clean.
I have tried it myself, once, and it did work.
My problem now is that my mask leaks (I think it’s too tight)??


use the toothpaste to clean the mask when you first get it [use fingers to rub it around to prevent scratches], then when you are ready to go out, use your saliva on the inside of the mask[ rub it all over the inside of the mask with your fingers] then rinse [ fresh water is best] and go diving. use the saliva everytime before you go out. you can get a tube of artificial spit [i can’t remember the name] at dive shops but your own is cheaper


I’ve been doing this for 3 years, but am quitting it this April. It hasn’t worked for me really at all. I’ve now bought a defogger product which I hope will give me better results. We’ll see. The fogging has been so bad that I have had to terminate my snorkeling day. I don’t tolerate that bad performance from spit!



As an avid diver I can say the best is to Spit…
thats right spit on the inside of your mask rub it around with your fingers and rince it out by swirling sea water 2-3 times and Volia no more fog. Yes I know this sounds aweful and gross, but it works. and I don’t mean horking a lugie in your mask just a little CLEAR saliva will do the trick!
I however have never tried to toothpaste gel thing maybe that works too…
Have Fun!!
FishGirl :sunglasses:

WTH… Tube of artificial spit. I bet that guy is now a millionare… lol


The divers in our house like Sea Drops.

Here’s a link to a scuba message board where there’s a discussion on mask defogging …



I am not a diver, but I did read that shaving cream also works to keep the fog away.

Smear it on, then polish is off with a cloth. This will last for 4-5 dives.

Hope it helps


New Masks have a film left on lens…Make sure you clean this off…
Baby shampoo also works…clean mask with it…rinse with sea water before diving…Dont over rinse…

Some people leave a bit of sea water in mask for quick rinse…


The seadrops are really the best.
They have another product as well that takes away sillicone and slate.
I use it myself both of them and no problems and a nice clear view.
The seadrops i use every 20 dives.

Get It !!


try SEAGOLD. its the best out there. always have a bottle with me when i go diving.


When I was snorkeling in Hawaii the guides used a spray with a little fabric softener and plain water. I don’t think you were supposed to rinse. To be on the safe side, I would try to get one that is biodegradable.



Once again use spit. Cough up a good one and smear it around. Don’t rinse too thoroughly though.


Spit is the best thing, but you have to realize it is the more solid throat spit, not the bubbles in your mouth, that you need. So a good “hourk” is what you need and rub it in like a clear gel. Then rinse and you are good to go…!!!



eeeeeeewwwwww!!! Another VERY good reason to bring your own snorkel gear.



that’s true ROSE. the thought of putting something on that other people have spit on. ewww! another reason why im dragging my fiance to get himself a set of snorkel gear from Costco. rather have him use his own with his spit instead of someone else’s.