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My Travel flights from the UK


Well as most of you already know I’m now all booked up and ready to travel on the 16th of November. I’m flying with My Travel and can honestly say I not heard a thing about them good or otherwise. Anyone used them recently and willing to share their experiences? I’m thinking about things like booking in, cleanliness of plane, staff attitude and service, food quality and quantity.

Thanks all, Amanda :-*


hi amanda

flew with my travel last month from gatwick to pop.

be warned that they weigh luggage before the check in desk,and any bags overweight,including hand luggage you will be charged for.

was early for check in so not a long queue,flight was good and left on time,staff were ok but the foods much the same as your usual charter flight,it fills a hole.

enjoy the dr i,m missing it already.



Thanks for the quick reply Glenn, I know I always take too much and normally pay for extra weight allowance but just in case how much was the extra charge? Also what is the limit for hand luggage

Cheers Amanda :-*


hi amanda

its £6.00 per kilo over the 20k.

hand luggage the same over 5k.