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My trip is 'prorogated'

Oh, I get it now!..my trip isn’t cancelled afterall…it is “prorogated”.
I hope to rebook and escape the end of Jan.
Hopefully, I’ll get 2 trips in this winter (1 week each, instead of one 2 weeker). My neice is forming a “coalition”… ;D…to go for her wedding. Should be interesting. That takes care of 1 week…then hubby & I want time for ‘just us’…that’s the second trip.
Unlike our government…we will plan accordingly to prepare ourselves for the upcoming event. We have no desire for 'in-fighting, name-calling or muck-raking. We have been ‘fiscally responsible’ and saved for a trip.

There…I feel better now… :wink:

I hope everythings turns out well. Last thing you want is fighting at the dinner table.
Families should work together…LOL.
I agree with you Tanlines.

It is always prudent to be fiscally responsible…maybe us average joes and josphines should run our countries…:0