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Name on your Passport

I just renewed my Canadian passport which has my first initial and middle name. I was told by the Passport Canada Agent that I may have some delays crossing the US border. Apparently, US customs don’t like having just a first initial and then a middle name on passports - this is new in the last year. I was advised to make sure I carry my birth certificate as well. If I had known, I would have filled out the long form vs. the short form and had my full name put on my passport. FYI for those of you who use a first initial and middle name.

My boss just went through this on a recent trip to Vegas…

First initial followed by middle name/surname on your passport etc can cause you delays with our good friends at U.S. customs.

Part of the post 9-11 security crack down I’d imagine.

Just wondering, if Passport Canada is aware of the issue, why are they doing it that way?? Seems like they are doing it backwards.

Canadian Passport application papers ask for the following

Surname Doe

Given names John Amos (not initials)


I was renewing my passport so was only required to fill out the short form and my name had to be exactly the same as what my current passport has. BTW, it was an agent at the passport office (5 years ago) who suggested I use my first initial since I never use my first name. If I had known, I would have filled out the long form and used my full name.

My passport is: first, middle & last name. But when I signed the application (short) form & when I signed my passport, it is first initial, middle & last name. (I don’t use my first name either)