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Natura Park + kids

Hi there,
We’re headed for 2 weeks this winter to Natura Park with our 2 young children (2+5). First time to D.R-we’re so excited!

Wondering if others have visited this resort recently and what your thoughts are in terms of the set-up for kids. Any tips? Any things you’d wished you’d brought but forgot?

I’m also wondering about laundry. Is the nearby town close enough to walk and is there a laundromat there?


When are you going? We will be down there soon with 2 small kids as well.

We were at the Natura 2 years ago, decent kids club from what I saw, did not use it at the time as my daughter was too young.

No town within walking distance, at least not my walking distance. ;D

Can’t speak for Laundromat.


[quote=@drcd1]I’m also wondering about laundry. Is the nearby town close enough to walk and is there a laundromat there?


I would suspect that if you need to launder some items, that the resort may offer this service for a fee

Thanks for the replies-we’re headed down the 18th of Jan. Jason, when will you guys be there? Glad to hear you’re headed back a second time. That has to be a good thing! :slight_smile:


Hi Deena

We will be there in 19 days. But we’re not going back to the Natura…only to mix it up a little…we’ll be a little north/west of you. :slight_smile: I have nothing bad to say about the Natura and think you’ll have a great time.


make sure you report when you get back about the kids clubs, facilities,etc We were going to go this Jan for 2 weeks but many told us it wasn’t too kid orientated???.. now there are amazing deals and i wish i did book :frowning: oh well the more i know then it may be the next holiday…

We’d booked a place in the Mayan last year because we were told the kids’ club was really great. When we got there, it was not great and in fact, I don’t think my son ever really went in for longer than 15 mins. It was dark and not much going on-a far cry from what we expected. That was a hotel that was promoted for families. This year, we thought we’d take our chances because as you say, the deals were amazing! I hope someone has some input about the resort though!


Natura Park is a small to medium size. Walking around the entire thing shouldn’t be a problem. There is one good sized pool with pool bar in it and one attached over looking it. There are about a 12-14 building 3 stories tall, each has courtyard in center. Balconies are pretty good as we really need them for while the kids are sleeping in early evenings. There is bar fridge too. ;D

We only ate at the buffet because the a la cart opened to late for us, which probably was 7pm!

I think the important part with the kids club is the staff, if they work hard at entertaining the kids will be happy. We went to Atlantis (Bahamas) last year, kid heaven, you won’t find that here but I’m sure sand, water swings and crafts can keep most younger kids happy.

Beach front is nice, to left no resorts for many km’s. To right there are 2-3 resorts and a beach market.

You cannot walk off the resort anywhere, take a cab into ‘town’ I suppose. We’re only doing one outing to Posada de Piedra in El Cortecito to meet BFC and Mikefisher and family. Can’t do much more until the kids are older.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jason,
THanks for your info-very helpful! I appreciate it.


Jason has it pegged. We’ll be at Natura Park in about 2 1/2 weeks. I’ll try to take a peek at the kid’s club while we’re there and see what I “think”.

edit: I doubt they’ll have much for the 2 year old, but the 5 year old should be OK.

Bob, thanks for that. I hope you have a wonderful vacation and please let us know all about it when you return! Man, wish I could say we were leaving in 17 days!


i will be keeping a “eye” on this thread waiting for the responses too, cause i would go next time if the kids club looks fine.
That’s the thing what one experiences the next won’t, some kids are easy to entertain and others not so easy… depends on the time of year, tourists there and who’s in the kids club… SO i have not crossed this on off at all… ( which resort in the mayan did you go to???)