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Natura park


Hi everyone,
Anyone been to natura park,any comments or advice? found a good price from Halifax


can’t believe no one on this board has been there ???


OK, been there, but it’s been a few years (2008). I would go back. My review and video slide show are still posted. Was a nice place then and I don’t see any reason why it would have changed.


thanks Bob ! I was hoping for some info about rooms,food etc ,but


There are some recent reviews on the main review site.

edit: added link


I enjoyed this resort. It was very nice. Read my review and pm me if you have any questions as it was much enjoyed by all. I also flew out of Halifax via Toronto for our trip lastyear,


what is the the best bldg that would be about halfway between beach & lobby ?


PM sent carrottop128


It’s not really a large resort so it shouldn’t make that much difference. However, the ones nearest the middle would be III, IV, V or IX, X, XI.
See http://www.resortsmaps.com/map-NaturaPark-PuntaCana.html


Thanks Bob !


No problem.
The photos are still posted, but the animated slide show with sound will likely disappear within a week or so to make room for my latest show (another resort). It’s the oldest one on the site so it will likely be the one to be cycled out.