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Need Barcelo Phone #


I have looked online for a week and can’t find a Barcelo Montelimar Hotel telephone or fax number that works. I got a lot of wrong numbers. If anyone can help me with these numbers it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ben


The phone number in my Nicaragua guide book is 505/269-6769 or 505/269-6752 toll free in Canada and US 800/227-2356 e-mail playamontelimar@barcelo.com. This info is totally different than what’s on their website at http://centralamerica.com/nicaragua/hotels/montel.htm. Haven’t tried any of them so I have no idea if any of them work.



Thank you lola for the phone numbers. I called and worked good, even got a girl with perfect English. Thanks again…Ben


You’re welcome. If you go there, could you please let me know what it was like?



Hey lola: Just got back from Panama and going to the Barcelo Montelimar this Tuesday.
Gone for two weeks but will let you know about it when I get back…Ben


Lucky you nyben. Going to Panama and now Nicaragua. I would love to hear what you think of the Barcelo Montelimar. We were there a few years ago and truly fell in love with it. Would love to know if it has changed much. Any chance of seeing pictures you may take there?

By the way - where did you stay in Panama? How long were you there? We just returned from a two week stay there, last week.


I will post a review when I get back…Will also post pictures…Will post
the link. I was at the Decameron when you were there, had a group of
36. 28 spent last four days at the Decapolis and 8 at the Rain Forest. we
are from upstate NY and fly from Montreal (1 hr away).