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Need help choosing a resort

Hi, everyone.

First I would like to thank everyone in this forum who have shared their opinions and insights as they helped me tremendously researching for my next trip.

I’m currently planning a family trip to DR for my 18 year old sister, my mother, and me for the early Jan or mid Jan.

These are what we are expecting from this vacation.

  1. great beach.
  2. great food.
  3. relaxing time.

After doing some research it looked like Punta Cana is the area where we would get all those three.

So, for now I narrowed it down to Excellence, Grand Palladium, and Eden H.

Here are my questions.

  1. When the resort mentions “adult-only,” does that usually means couples-only or is a party like ours fine with them?

  2. What are the major characteristics of these three resorts that distinguish from each other.

  3. Could you recommend few more options along the similar budget line as the above?

Thank you so much everyone, and I hope you have a great evening!


Sorry I cannot comment on those resorts but I can tell you that adults only resorts just mean ‘no kids’. I stayed at a few and I am a single traveler. Met all kinds of people there. Of course the majority are couples but most resorts have a lot of couples or couples with kids. So there is no reason not to go when traveling with friends or family!

Excellence seems to have a lot of “red flag” days, as there is no reef in front of this resort and U-shaped cove seems to funnel in the surf (4-5 ft high usually). I thing EdenH is located between Sirenis and Dreams, where the water is calmer, also beach slope less raked (degree of slant, NOT upkeep) .

We were four women travelling alone and stayed at EdenH last year. We had a great trip. The resort is beautiful and is new. The beach is large and kept clean. You can’t go wrong with this resort. We did find, however, that it was rather quiet at night which was not a big deal for us.

This year I am travelling with my husband and we have booked the Grand Palladium Palace. I haven’t been there yet but have heard mostly good things on this forum. From what I can gather, it seems like there may be more to do at the Palladium and it is centrally located.

Which ever resort you choose, I am sure you will have a great time. Punta Cana is a wonderful resort area. Have fun.

If you are talking about Dreams PC (formerly Sunscape the Beach), there’s nothing but a lot of beach between it and Sirenis. However, the water at EdenH will be calmer than either of those hotels.