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Need HELP in choosing our Resort... First timers!

This forum is the best! There are many dedicated/experienced Dominican Republic Travelers here!!!

My fiance and I (along with one other couple) are planning a trip to the Dominican the end of March.

I desperately seek the advice of the posters here. If you could simply suggest an all inclusive resort for us to go to (4-5 night stay) with the following as “guide-lines”
[li] sailing available/included
[/li][li] ability to swim / kayak in beach water
[/li][li] good service at management level
[/li][li] golfing (18 hole) nearby
[/li][li] not too far from airport, with airport shuttle to resort available

Thanks all,

Newcastle, Maine

If you want the north side of the island…you can’t beat The Gran Ventana…it meets everything on your criteria

Personally, after going to the norht coast I would go with Punta Cana. The airport was a nightmare coming and going from Puerto Plata.

I’ve had delays in both POP and PUJ and also sailed through both airports - the airport experience is what it is; just a small part of the vacation experience and certainly not a deciding factor unless a systemic problem is detected.

Mi dos pesos.


Personally after going to Punta Cana, I would go to the North coast. As first timers you will find that any resort in the Playa Dorado will ft your criteria.

My first 3 trips to the D.R. were to the North Coast and then my fourth was to Punta Cana. I have since made an untold number of trips to the North Coast and have also lived there for extensive periods of time. I have never had the desire to go back to Punta Cana. I am not saying anything against Punta Cana but it simply was not what I wanted.

All the resorts in the Playa Dorado have water sports and there is a very nice golf course that meanders amongst the resorts. If you want caviar and champagne the North Coast is not for you, but, if you want to really discover what the D.R. is this is where you will find it.