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Need help Mexico e-mail

Can’t get a hold of my nephew at the Cancun Oasis. Reception doesn’t speak english well and I am awful at Spanish. His best friends father passed away unexpected I just need the e-mail and I will try that way. Anyone know of a site I can look it up. Tried Debbies Carribean to no luck. We need to tell him and we may have to fly him back early so we just need to reach him. Any other ideas?

Have you tried an internet search of the correct name of the resort. I noticed that there is a Cancun Oasis, Oasis Cancun, Grand Oasis Cancun… and so on and so on.

Good Luck

Do you know who he booked his trip through. If you do, get in touch with his travel agent. I always leave contact info at home with someone. Maybe one of his friends know how to get in touch with him.

Thanks everyone. Got a hold of guest services at the hotel and they found him. Changed his flight no problem so he’ll be headed home. He had booked through the University so my sister didn’t know who to contact. The guest service rep was beyond wonderful and I was so grateful to get a hold of him.