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Need some encouragement


I found the perfect package, but for two months from now. perfect duration, perfect flight times, perfect resort. in the last week its gone up in price a few times. im pretty sure it will come down again since its still so far away, but don’t want to risk losing that package. can anyone give me some encouragement to wait it out a bit more and see if the prices come down again???
(i feel like someone obsessed with their stocks on the stockmarket, checking several times a day for pricing, lol!!)


No one can guarantee the future of the prices but I was told by my Travel Agent that the big last minute deals aren’t there this year. Most operators ran deals last summer.

Good luck, and enjoy the vacation.


It seems lately that last minute deals are going like the dinosaur. Early booking is where the savings are.


We booked last July 1st for departure on March 23rd. This package in not available now, going 3 days later(March 26th) the package is now $4oo/PP higher. If you go to another carrier, it is more again. I would agree the best deals are earlier.



Yeah, not to be a Debbie Downer…lol…but I wouldn’t chance it this year.

I agree with the others, and have posted here and on the other board that as soon as I saw all the “early” booking promotions last summer, that there would be very few real last minute deals this year and very few options.

This has been the case this year. I check travel sites daily and defn there are fewer options and higher prices from what I can see.

Now if you are talking about May, perhaps there could be a drop then once the winter season is truly over for everyone, but if it was the “perfect” trip I would have booked it!

A few sites are still offering price protection, so you could have at least covered some of the risk that way.

Good luck…the travel booking game has certainly changed from a few years ago IMHO.


I agree with the rest. When we found a good price for ‘our’ trip, it was early and I figured it would go down. It went up $100 and I thought that would be temporary. Instead, it went up another $100. I caved and booked. Never saw it for less than what I paid after that.
I idly considered a repeat trip later this month. Found a great price and have watched it increase on a weekly basis …