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Need to Get Bike to Camaguey, Cuba

I’m posting this for someone else, so please respond to the thread or to the email at the end.

[b]I am trying to send a bicycle to Camaguey for a school teacher that gets paid $7.00 a month. He teaches all day and then tutors from 4pm until 9pm everyday. He says if he does not do this he will starve. Two months ago I sent him a pair of sneakers in the mail for the long distances he has to walk. I have just received a letter from him talking about how he survived the 2 hurricanes. He writes about the hurricane and then goes on to write:, thanks god that I am ok now because I received those beautiful black sport shoes, and it was a shock. He is very thankful for the shoes and never asks for anything. I am getting a bike donated and the only way to get it to him safely is for someone to take it with them and for him to pick it up at the airport. If anyone out there can help me it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, he signs his letter, Your skinny friend! I will cover all costs to get the bike there.