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Negril Hills Golf Club

I can’t seem to get the website for Negril Hills GC to come up. Is there anyone just back from Negril who can share any news? I hope it hasn’t closed down because my hubby will make us pick a new destination if there is no golfing!

I’m looking for details on rates in February so if anyone can help me out I’d be grateful!

Thanks! “beachbum” for “golfer”

It depends on which resort you are going to. If you are going to Couples resorts the golf green fees/transfers are listed as part of the ALL INCLUSIVE at NO COST. You may also check as to the ammenities that the resort you select offers the greens fee may be included in your vacation inclusives.



Not sure why they show the different rates.

Always hard a hard time figuring out golf. You hit this little white ball then go out hunting to find it and once you find it you hit it again. Hell I lost the first ball now you want me to loose another?
I’d rather stay at the 19th hole.

Thanks for the info…I had found that site but when the link to the golf clubs website wouldn’t work it started my quest.

I found an email address and sent off a message. To my disappointment this morning it was returned undeliverable…leads me to think something is up with this golf course. Worries me because if we get there and there is no golfing…I’m headed for divorce court!

Any one just back from Negril that can enlighten me?

I know Couples Resorts just recently had a charity golf tournament there, mid October, so it is open. They may be experiencing problems with the website

Well, that is a relief! Were you there recently?

Recently Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril celebrated their anniversary and as part of that they held a charity tournament for the Issa Foundation.

We try to go every April.

Hi Beachbum:

I’ve been having the same frustrations! We are at CSA from Jan 16-30 to play golf. I asked Randy Russel of Couples about the website and he assured me he had just played the course in October. All is well except they could not take a credit card/debit card and the website was down. Apparently a techical problem. Randy assured me that we would be playing there in january.

Hi marnietoronto,
We haven’t booked yet but plan on staying at CSA as well - Jan 8-22. My husband is a golf nut but I am not…maybe you’d want to meet up with him for a round or two?
Do you know how far it is to the golf course from the hotel?

The golf course is about a 10 to 15 minute ride from CSA depending on traffic.

Just a quick thanks for turning my attention to Couples Swept Away.
I booked an awesome deal for Jan 8 - staying two weeks…I don’t think I’d have surfed my way around this hotel had it not been for your reply.
Thanks again!!!
Jen & Scott