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Never mind roaches, what about the bed bugs?


Has anyone heard if bed bugs are a concern anywhere in the DR?

I read an article about how they are becoming an epidemic in North America especially East coast. So it stands to reason that, bed bugs would be in the DR too with all the heat and tourists coming and going.

Apparently they have become resistant to pesticides and have invaded homes of all classes and can be transferred as harmlessly as brushing up against someone’s elses clothing.

Not only do they like the folds of mattresses, they like where your carpet butts up against the wall, closets with lots of clothes and folded things, anywhere dark and warm oh yes… and suitcases…


Have never had a problem ourselves and in reading this forum as well as others, I have not seen this problem mentioned.

Have a great vacation and don’t worry too much.

My philosophy is I could get hit by a truck crossing the street tomorrow so, worry about what you can control and trust others to take care of the rest… ;D



Not worried about it, just wondering.

Already been, had a good time and never saw a one.

But I think it is a good idea for travelers to be on the look out.

From what I read, once you get them in your home, it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

I get the impression that it is something we are going to hear more of in the near future.