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New 10 year Passports for Canadians

Posting this here and in general Caribbean forum, so yes, I know I’m double posting.

Finally, Canadians will have the option of getting a 10 year ePassport effective July 1, 2013. Works great for us as our passports need to be renewed soon.

More info here:- http://www.ppt.gc.ca/articles/20130510.aspx?lang=eng

Finally been waiting for this

Just updated last year. Is there a conversion process to the 10 year ones?

[quote=@spunky]Just updated last year. Is there a conversion process to the 10 year ones?
I don’t think so. They’re still going to be selling 5 year ones so they’re not looking to phase them out.

[quote=@spunky]Just updated last year. Is there a conversion process to the 10 year ones?

You might find this info useful:- http://www.ppt.gc.ca/support/faq.aspx?lang=eng&id=q865

Your current passport will still be valid until expiry, so I would think that most people will wait and get the new 10 year ePassport upon renewal. They are however making provision for people to get the new passport even if the old one has more than 12 months validity left. Not quite sure why anyone would want to do this. Perhaps if the current passport is damaged?

Can’t say I’ve figured out why anyone would continue to get a 5 year passport when a 10 year is available at a $40 price difference. I’ll guess that some very frequent travellers would fill the 36 pages with visas within a five year period.

I’m just happy I found out about this now because I had planned a trip to the passport office to renew this week. Waiting until after July 1 and getting a new 10 year ePassport works for me.

There are a lot of people who don’t really travel much and need a passport once (like my mother). It would be a waste of $40 to get a 10 year one.

Good point!

However, given the user fees our government likes to impose and regularly increase, it wouldn’t surprise me if a 10 year passport turns out to be the less expensive option over the long term.

At my age, having a passport with a dated photo once the 10 year passport is close to expiry isn’t going to be such a bad thing. :slight_smile:

I’m very surprised that the difference is so little. I don’t expect that to stay that way for long. My guess would be a huge jump very soon.

Even so 10 years is still better than 5 less administrative work