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New (at least to me) Cabarete webcam

Just discovered that Villa Taina in Cabarete has a webcam

Wasn’t aware of this before; if someone posted it earlier, I missed it.


Doesn’t work for me.
Get popup box “Not Available Cookie Information”

[quote=@bobfromcanada]Doesn’t work for me.
Get popup box “Not Available Cookie Information”[/quote]

OK try this


Hover over the word webcam and then move mouse to the right and click on picture; allow pop up to open a new window - try it in daylight - LOL, it’s dark now.


Yup, I’ll try it in the morning …

Live and operating right now

Yes indeed. Both links work today. Yesterday must have been a temporary glitch.

Just love looking at the webcam…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH soon real soon…

This is a great webcam, it is live. Some of them just snap still images every 10 seconds or so. This one you can actually see the waves breaking.

Thanks Fireguy

I love watching this webcam, no need to check the weather anymore:)


Still pics and streaming video