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New Bar Room Banter Site


Here it is, ues it properly or lose it. You will have to create a profile, and for the sake of convenience please use your Debbie’s username or at least identify yourself some way as a Debbie’s member.


Anyone wishing to help with the admin and mod side of things, send me a PM


PS For the time being I am allowing guests to post, but I strongly suggest you create an account


I tried to register, but it says my name and e-mail are taken. How can that be?


Did you get in yet? The site is saying that you are the newest registered user.


I guess you got in Ray? If you click on the ‘Memberlist’ link at the top of the page, it shows you registered 3 times (or at least tried to).


Yeah I registered and it said it would send me something in my e mail for confirmation…well it has been 2 hrs and nothing. I would say you have a few flaws in the system.


Are you sure that you entered the right email addy? Or checked your junkmail folder? Mine was sent immediately after I registered…


[quote author=bryanbrown board=general thread=1129347341 post=1129396424]I guess you got in Ray? If you click on the ‘Memberlist’ link at the top of the page, it shows you registered 3 times (or at least tried to).

Ed got it straighten out, I messed up on my email add. No fault of the new board, it was my error


Thanks all. I’ve registered and I’m waiting for my conf email. Also saved as one of my favorites so I won’t loose it!

Cheers Amanda :-*


Did you ever get your confirmation Marshane?


no confirmation yet…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 8 hours and counting, DID YOU SEND IT BY SNAIL MAIL??? LOL

[b]Get the Admin there to check on whether you have a typo in the e-mail address you registered with. That is all it would take to NEVER receive your Activation Code. I received mine in about a minute.



I’m registered & logged in. Great job Ed! Email confirmation took 1minute.


Mine too! :-*


Please, everyone who has decided to register to the Dominican Bar Room Banter Forum, don’t post your complaints here…post them over in the other forum where I can react to them in a timely manner…remember these 2 sites have no formal connection… the only thing they have in common is the members they share…don’t burden the mods and admin staf here with problems they can’t address…