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New Beach at Iberostar Costa Dorada


Got a last minute deal for the Iberostar Costa Dorada, was wondering if water shoes are needed. Also is it deep close to shore. My wife is 5’3" and I don’t want to see just the top of her head a few feet from shore. :slight_smile: Have never been to an Iberostar, if it’s like the Riu’s we’ve been to should love it. The new beach looks nice. Thanks for any answers.


We stayed next door at Marien in November - water shoes not necessary and depending on waves you could go out 25 feet or so before it gets deep - again, all depends on how big the waves get.


This resort is wonderful!! Stayed there twice and had no complaints. Not being a good swimmer, I’m personally something of a pool rat and the ICD pool is unreal - especially the whirlpool in the middle. As for the beach - we were there before the “new” one, but at the time, you could wade out a ways before it got deep. But as the above poster mentioned - the surf could be quite rough on windy days tho (unfortunately, on our last trip - I think we had 4 red flag days out of 7 - but again, the pool made up for it)

Have a great time!!


Thanks for the replys, that was our only concern. The resort looks great, only nineteen days to go.


Be careful of the reef in the middle of the roped off area.At high tide you may not notice it if you aren’t aware it’s there.(I struck my knees on it) Stick to the far left or far right and you’ll be fine. On the upside I think the reef further out blocks some of the waves, making the water calmer.The water was always rougher down towards the playa dorada complex.
We loved it there, so much that we are returning for the third time!


I will be returning to the Iberostar in April for the third time. Beautiful hotel, great people and suroundings and hte food is great. What more could a person ask for? We always had a great time on the old beach and are really looking foreward to the new one as we are beach people. The count down is on .


We hope to return there later this year. Our 2006 stay at Iberostar was fantastic. The Christmas Eve gala dinner was extraordinary! The nearby reef is full of life. Saw lots of fish, crabs, small octopus, barracuda…great snorkelling areas just 20-25 feet from shore.


Hey atomiczombie, Whree is this reef that you are talking about … We will be at the neighbour resort coral marien and would love to find this
Thanks my email is sue_ritter@yahoo.ca


Nice photos atomiczombie. Will take snorkel gear for the reef. Is the reef inside the roped off swimming area?


Thanks. Some reef inside the roped areas, but the best we found were just outside the ropes, and 30 minute walk down the beach - on the right - in the next bay, but not as far as Playa Dorada complex. Watch the steep drop-offs in the water. We found excellent reef activity 5-20 feet down, less than 100 metres from shore. Increasing waves, currents and tide in mid-afternoon. Storms come in fast. Ask at the Dive Shop on the beach best areas to snorkel. Since beach upgrades were done last year, things might have changed a bit.


thanks so much atomiczombie, we usually walk that way so it will be nice to take a look
. Take care


You’re very welcome. Let us know how your trip is and especially the snorkelling near Iberostar. We hope to return there later this year. Have a great time! ;D


Thanks for the tips. We’re going to ICD in 2 weeks and looking for some good beginner snorkelling.