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New Canadian Money in Cuba

Just about to make my yearly trip to Cuba - this time to Don Lino
in holguin.
Has anyone had trouble exchanging the new plastic Can bills
at some of the out of the way resorts? Just wondering if I should
beg my bank for the paper $20’s???

no problem changing the new bills…I just got back Dec 10th and changed new $100’s, $50’s and $20’s with no problems

Thanks. I just found an older thread from early December about the
same ?? Seems to be no problem thruout Cuba.

There’s always some new worry about Cuba which never comes to pass. Recently there was a thread on not taking CUC’s out of the country as it was now illegal. Nobody checked me last week when I came home. Nobody checked to see if I had health insurance coverage (I do: thanks, CAA!). I took down the new plastic $100’s and they just wanted my passport at the time of changing money at the Cadeca, which is always how they do it.

Edited to add: for Health Insurance coverage, your Health Card ought to be enough, but I like to get the CAA insurance for a year, about 75 dollars, and then you don’t have to worry if you go anywhere during the year. I always carry that in my wallet as well.