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Just released.

hope this helps those who were looking for it.

all the best,
bb/mt ;D


Thanks so much!!! This is just what I was waiting for. You are the best.


That’s excellent, bb. I’ve been waiting for it, too.

Do I understand that the theatre, where the the evening shows are, is near the beach rather than up by the lobby? That seems unusual. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to try to get a room away from the theatre if you like to sleep at night. We’re usually in bed by 10-11pm.


That’s true Jean, it is away from the lobby, in the sense that it’s at the other side of the main pool. I kind of like that myself. I’ve seen the resorts where everything is all in one area and found it a bit of a madhouse! Casino, theatre, bar, front desk with people checking in, belldesk…

I can recommend a few areas in the room blocks where it is quieter. Some people say that you don’t hear anything, but I’ve stayed in rooms there and heard boom boom boom from the show so if you’re sensitive you may hear it too. Send me a note if you want and I’ll give you my opinion.

Kaki :smiley:


Jean I have stayed in bldg 2, 3 and 4 through my stays at CDM and have not had a problem with the shows…they are usually over around 11 so it has never been a problem…I usually go to the show and then hit the sack to get ready for the next day.

They also just built a new bar down there too so they have 3 bars at the theater now…very convenient and they have extended the theater seating under cover and got new chairs too!!!

Very nice indeed.

check your pm for some other info.

all the best,
bb/mt ;D

thought you might enjoy seeing some video clips of CDM and the Shows I got to see while there…



I’d like to try CDM- have stayed at iberostar - but looks like more restaurants/ bars on the beach here. I love going to the Carib & am always curious why everything is tucked away – can you see the water from the restaurants/bars? Do you think there is more to do here than IB?


HI Patrick

You can see the most amazing SUNsets and Water from the Seaside GRill, The Jungle Bar and DaMArios at CDM!

I have been to both CDM and IBHD. I am going back to CDM next Saturday for my 8th trip. What can I say I love the place!

let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you with!

bb/mt ;D


Hi Baltobabe, as usual, a great map! I want to send this out to our guests at the wedding and ask them to choose a building (if we can do that with our travel agent)
Can you help me, which one are the new buildings?
Which block is the quietest, which has the best views of all of the action?


Kizz the new building is number 3 and I would say that the buildings on either side of that 2 and 4 would be great choices too!

Building 4 would have a view of either gardens on one side with some view of the new pool and ocean…and on the other side it would have a view of the ocean and original pool.

If you need more you can reach me at


bb/mt ;D