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New Currence For Cuba

From the Havana Times :::

Interesting read …thanks for sharing and good news is that everyone who has CUCs still have enough time to go to Cuba and spend it.

Anyone care to translate that convulsion. One thing is clear, Pavel Vidal is an Economist!

Wow: Admin: I don’t think I would say that " and good news is that everyone who has CUCs still have enough time to go to Cuba and spend it."

Cuba has its own time table, I will take home 20 CUC with me with hopes I can spend it later in 2014. I will talk to people who live there and ask them their thoughts. Spunky is right; the article is very convoluted and really doesn’t speak in a language that a layman could interpret.

But it is a signal that Cuba seems to be really serious about making them a single currency country. The drawbacks for Cubans and the world is - there is no timeline. As far as I know, they are not telling their citizens how to prepare for this; or their businesses how to prepare. I know the new policy should go in slow steps, but I’m not sure if they can find the stairway they need to use. If they try a high-speed elevator - the S**T will fly. My opinion only.

I was thinking more as article said:" So, if the monetary reform begins in 2014, there’s three years left until 2016." So I see that most tourist if have and CUC with them will have enough time to go back to Cuba and spend it. I assume that usually people who travel 2, 3 times per year to Cuba have some bigger amount of CUCs. I agree that article is not clear but it is not official one as well.

Won’t stop me from keeping approx. $30 cuc each trip for my next trip. I’m sure like many things, it will move at a standard Cuban “mañana” pace. :slight_smile:

There has been dozens of articles published recently about this subject, but I think that article is one of the best so far for the simple reason that it’s an unintelligible, convoluted mess - which is perfect considering the subject matter.

This is such a non issue for tourists…