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New Dominican Beer?


Just wondering if anyone has tried this. Can not remeber the name and how it compares to Presidente?

Also, any dark beers?

We enjoyed Buckaneero in Cuba but really disliked the Crystal. Any suggestions/input?


It’s called Brahma and is brewed in the DR by Brazillian brewer Ambev. As expected some like it and some don’t.




Brahma is liek liquid gold, somewhat similar to Corona, in my opinion. I love to drink it on a hot day or a col done for that matter, and unliek Corona it taste great without lime too. The best part though is the bottle, it forms perfectly to your hand so you never want to put it down. I get it al lthe time in Edmonton and it’s not that expensive, only about $25.00 for a case. TRY IT.



I love the Corona, I love the Presidente, Bring on the New Brahma!! I can’t wait to try this now!!
Cin. :smiley: :smiley:


We have tried it and find it as good as Corona, if not a bit better. It is a lighter beer better suited for the warm days. In the winter it doesn’t have the same taste. I have a friend who works for Labatts so got to try it when it first came out.
Still think I will keep going with the local beers whe nwe are there in November.


Ok-thanks for the replies but, now I have another question or two. Ainsley says she has a friend who works for Labatts, is it brewed by Labatts? Also, that it is lighter than Corona ( I seldom put lime in a Corona if I have one) but I think Presidente is a light beer.

Would really like to know if there is anything to compare to the Buckaneero (sold in Cuba) offered in the DR.

I find almost any cold beer conforms to my hand and is hard to put down when combined with a tropical setting! I am also going to try some of the more exotic offerings this time around and will bring back some mamajuana juice! Any other suggestions?


No, Labatts doesn’t make it. It is just one of the lines that they carry. They are owned by Interbrew, I believe, which is a huge international company owning many lines of beer around the world or distributors of them in certain countries.
As far as something comparing to a Cuban beer I have never tried on so can’t reccomend one in it’s place. Still love a cold PREZ when I’m in the DR.


I say skip the lime and add a shot of tequila and I am good to go! :smiley:


Beer is suppose to be consumed as a beer not as a fruit punch, like adding a lime and also not as a cocktail by adding some tequila. By adding those things doesn’t make you look like you know what your really doing.
If you want to add things to the nectar of the gods then just write the breweries and ask them to add the flavor to their beer.


As one of the Alexander Keith’s beer commercials says. If ya got fruit in your beer, than ya must have a case of the Scurvy!!!


Alexander was/is so right on that one and in fact I’ll even have a drink for him. Just kidding as I don’t drink


IMO Brahma is a little light
I prefer Bohemia


I will have to ask the men off the beer truck when they come in next Tuesday if they have any idea about it! It would nice to try one, but not the same unless I’m on the beach!