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New format for tourist card?

Someone over on the Thorntree who just returned from 2 weeks in Cuba reported being given a new simplified tourist card that doesn’t ask for your hotel information. Can anyone here who has travelled in the last couple of weeks confirm this?

Yes, that is correct. Simpler form and no “address in Cuba” required. :smiley:

It was simple before, but now it’s a true no-brainer. No questions regarding your casa/hotel/resort address, country of birth, resident country or boarding point…

Yes, all it asks for is name, dob, citizenship, passport #.

Still two sides, with one being kept till departure.

Cool! Maybe now that it’s a “true no-brainer” there won’t be as many people holding up the line due to arriving at the Immigration wicket with tourist cards that haven’t been filled in ::slight_smile:

But then maybe that’s too much to hope for ;D

Though I have to admit Cuban immigration is good about not allowing people to stand at the wicket filling out their tourist card. Everyone we’ve seen has been sent away and has had to join the end of the line once they’ve filled it in.

My wife an I where down in December and they had the old ones but where changing to the new ones the following week. Now the change is apparently done :wink:

I might have known this would happen - I finally got an extra set so I could fill them out long before the plane, and now they went and changed it. Darn!!
Got the extra set when they were in the package from the tour operator and then they handed them out again on the plane.

We left for Cuba 2 weeks ago, and the forms we were given must have been the old ones, because we had to enter the hotel name and boarding point.

Probably some will be using up older stocks.