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New Immigration forms for leaving


In addition to the bottom half of your Tourist Visa you will be provided with a blue form to fill out before departing.

What it is to me is a question mark, ? ? ? ?
Some other form that the government will file somewhere and likely never look at!

In fact one guy told me he didnt get once and when he was told to fill it out, he half illed it and they never even looked at it.


On the way to PUJ on Nov 19th we were given a white Air Canada form to fill in with almost the same info as the tourist card. When we looked for the Tourist Card desk in PUJ it was nowhere around so I asked and was directed to the Migracion inspectors who took my money and gave me the bottom portion of a Tourist card (we never did fill it out).

On the way out of the DR on Nov 26th we were given the blue card, filled it out and it was taken with the bottom of the regular Tourist Card (still not filled in) and we were on our way.

We never did turn in the white AC forms and tossed them in the garbage this morning.

Our experience.


We never got a blue card to fill out when we left Punta Cana on Nov. 13. Just handed in the bottom half of the tourist card. You’re supposed to fill it out, but there’s a number on it that matches the number on the top half.

From time to time we got those additional forms on the plane that ask the same stuff as the tourist card. I used to fill them out but nobody ever asked for them, so I don’t even bother anymore.