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New judges fees


The Dominican Republic has implemented a new judges fee of $350 US effective Jan 31, 2007. This was taken from a Sunquest newsletter. See http://www.sunquest.ca/content.asp?lang=EN&page=25682
Since this date has long since passed, have you guys been paying this?


yes, the resorts are making us pay. its not their fault, but the government said this is to apply even to people who all ready booked. some resorts are absorbing the cost but from what i gather from other brides they have to pay. some brides only had a week notice to come up with the extra cost. i got a month and half to save. but i guess the government didn’t realize that would mean less excursions. I don’t know if iam going to be able to afford ocean world or funny buggies, ect. i am not geting a photographer now, iam just using my camara. i went from paying $300 to $650.00.



Yup my coordinator let me know. It is a big jump.


Yep, check out the thread “Price Increase Anyone” - there has been much discussion about this. It seems some resorts are charging more than the government increased the price too. I guess there’s not much we can do about it - I’m just going to suck it up and not let it ruin anything about my wedding!


My fiance and I are trying to fight paying this increase. It is absolutely ridiculous and we are extremely frustrated by this. (this is not the first problem we have encountered planning our wedding) We booked and paid the wedding/trip in May 2006. Our wedding is supposed to be free because we have booked more than 10 rooms. Now at the last minute (we are getting married in a month) we are told that we have to pay $454 US. According to some of the postings it is more then the increase that the government has implemented. To me it seems pretty fishy. We have repeatedly asked the wedding coordinator that we would like to speak with the hotels head office but, he has yet to forward any contact info. It even still states on the hotels website that they offer the cert. for free in the wedding package! That’s false advertisement and is illegal in our country! Without any approval from anyone the coordinator all of a sudden says he can cover $250 of the increase. All in all, it doesn’t surprise us much. We were waiting to be gouged somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is down there. Anyways, we are not going to give up until it is honored for free! And it should be.