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New Logo

New logo looks great to me…

I like it too ! Wow !!

Yup - nice logo!!

I love it !!!

Thank you guys!! You wanted change and I heard you!! Look we have new favicon in the top of the browser and many new changes will bring this year. Thanks for sticking with us!


Love it. Looks great. We need to get back on here way more often. We used to contribute ton. Good luck
Joe & Karen

Now we have full NEW design as well. It did take some time to fix many things and to solve some issues but now forum looks much better than before and we have “OLD” logo of palm tree and sun revamped and redesigned into modern and flat design. I hope you guys like it … I left old logo as default avatar for people that are lazy to change their avatars :slight_smile: I think it is fun as old Debbie’s Barbie avatar still can be useful as mascot while we have our new logo!
Let me know what do you think guys !!


Personally, I think I preferred the colour balance on version 1. I’m also not quite sure if I like the chopped up Dominican flag.

Chopped flag is supposed to be boat that has flag on it. Other Debbie’s forum http://debbiesreviews.proboards.com does not have flag as other forum is not for Dominican Republic. So far I got great feedback and people liked it a lot. It is easy to take off chopped flag if other members wish I just wanted to be different from other forum :slight_smile:

Looks good. That’s a nice upgrade.

I still think I’d prefer to see the ‘whole’ flag, but that’s still me …

I agree with you 100% on both these points.

Not too keen on the boat, it really doesn’t look like a boat, perhaps a white sail type boat with the flag ON it rather than BE the boat

I hadn’t picked up on it being a boat, but after taking a second look, yes it is.
And I’m not sure how keen people would be about surf that comes up to the top of the palm trees.

OK now boat with a flag was fixed …

Sorry but to me it looks like a crown party hat that blew away from Burger King Restaurant… I do like the flag better as I don’t believe that a flag image should be tampered with…

Ok guys …Zee is trying his hardest to make you happy in changing the “boat & flag”. If you are still not thrilled with it, why don’t you design something & send it to him ? Me…I am just happy with the changes that he is making for us …period !

Thanks for all your hard work Zee !

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Debbie…I like that ! :slight_smile:

Thank you Debbie for helping!! I used your boat :slight_smile: